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Remembering Some Milestones

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

This section is our reflection area. A place to reminisce about all of our joys and sorrows over the years.

Remembering Some Milestones


I have two wonderful children. Both are all grown up and have moved far away. Catherine is a medical technologist, who loves to Crossfit in her free time. Bobbie is in business and lives with his girlfriend in Arizona Both of my kids are thriving and happy.

Bobbie's junior prom. Catherine using the lint brush to spiff him up. 2010

Oh how young my kids both were. They have always gotten along so well and for that I am grateful. Helping each other through the years made my heart sing.

Matthew Dassatti, Catherine and Bobbie in Potsdam, NY. 2012

This photo brings back so many memories for me. Matt and Bobbie were both sophomores in college. (Matt at Clarkson and Bobbie and Catherine at SUNY Potsdam) Catherine was a senior. We met up with the Dassatti family on opening day of the new school year to have lunch. Matthew's dad Bob, was my husband's best friend in college. It was a lunch filled with tears and laughter at all the stories shared of the old college days with two best friends. The red shirts are in honor of my husband's Halloween/Christmas costume. He wore a sign that said "I'm a Candy Cane, Lick Me". The Dassattis surprised us all with the shirts and this is the resulting picture.

Smile and Be Kind!


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