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Nana's Date Nut Bread

Nana's Date Nut Bread's

This recipe was used in my grandmother's bakery shop in Milton, Massachusetts. The students from nearby Milton Academy would often stop in the shop for an afternoon treat. The date nut bread was a favorite of school kids and adults alike.

This was a popular bread in the 30's when people eat date nut sandwiches. They would cut two thin slices of the sweet brown bread and use cream cheese as the filling. It sounds delicious.

This is an easy recipe that is delicious around the holidays or anytime of year. I like to make small loaves and gift them.

Nana's Quick and Easy Date Nut Bread


1 cup brown sugar

3 Tbsps. of Oleo (For those nieces and nephews, Oleo was the name of a brand of margarine in the 70's. I use butter.)

1 cup chopped nuts (I use walnuts.)

1 cup chopped dates

2 cups of flour

1 egg

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp. vanilla

1/2 tsp. salt


Pour 1 cup of boiling water over all ingredients.

Mix all ingredients.

Grease 2 (7 1/2 X 3 3/4) pans Or one loaf pan

Pour batter into pans.

350 degrees for 45 minutes


This recipe is made in one bowl. Which is a bonus.

Now people don't use "oleo"so I use salted butter.

Date and walnut loaf is a traditional cake eaten in Britain, made using dates and walnuts. Traditionally from Scotland, date and walnut loaf is still enjoyed in many tea rooms around the country. Try some today.

Great holiday gifts!


Appreciating beauty in the ordinary with joy and love. Bon Appetit, Janie

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