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Online Recipe Box

Here is my tip of the day.

Everyone has a recipe box or book or pile of recipes that you want to save. I keep my printed recipes in a box attached to side of my refrigerator. I print out recipes that I find online or ones that have been sent to me. I love to rip out recipes that I find in magazines. I love having a phone with a camera attached because I also take pictures of recipes that I find while hanging out in waiting rooms.

My recipe box was over flowing and I kept telling myself to sit down and organize them. My good friend Becky had me check out a website she came across just for this task. It's called the Pepperplate. It is an awesome website to house all of your favorite recipes. Once the recipes are in your "recipe box" you have access them 24/7. It is easy to use. The site allows you to make shopping lists and do meal planning. You can share your recipes with friends and on social media, if that's your thing. It has phone apps for both ISo and Android. I love, love, love, this site and it's app. AND it's FREE!

Here is a bit of information about about the Pepperplate.

The Pepperplate website is easy to navigate.

Here is what a shopping list looks like. You can have in your pocket when y are out shopping.

Check out the Pepperplate.

Smile and Be Kind,


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