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Benefits of Cloth Napkins

Cloth napkins became a practical everyday choice for my family.

The first set of cloth napkins I can remember owning was a set of salmon colored hand-made napkins by sister-in-law as a wedding gift. She has since made two more sets for me and I still own the original napkins from 1986.

Cloth napkins are one of life’s little luxuries, like fresh flowers. The napkins are beautiful on my table at every meal. Cloth napkins can feel fancy and yet they need laundering. This does not deter me from using cloth napkins.

Two grown sons were raised on cloth napkins. Often the cloth napkins laid untouched beside their plates. It is an eco-friendly habit that was not readily embraced. I can say happily, they use them automatically today.

Benefits of Cloth Napkins:

  • Cuts down on paper waste.

  • You can make them yourself or purchase easily.

  • They can be used over and over again.

  • Fold the napkins for a beautiful presentation

Folding Fun!

Check out this video and try your hand at folding cloth napkins.

Challenge yourself to use cloth napkins with your meals for a week.


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