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Six Minutes, Life Changing

The color and clarity of these orchids are beautiful.

I love technology! I enjoy playing and learning new things on a regular basis. Technology changes the way we live our lives every day.

I am not a fan of getting older. I have been dealing with cataracts for almost a year, unable to see clearly for many months. Today, I am able to see clearly for the first time in my life because of technology……no glasses or contacts. In six minutes, my eye surgeon was able to change my life forever. Thank you to those scientists who worked diligently to change the lives of people with eye problems.

The technology behind Cataract surgery began over 200 years ago. The advances in technology in the last 20 years have made a difference. Today it has allowed many people to enjoy life to it’s fullest with clear vision.

I am thankful for our sense of sight. For many months I was missing so much of what was happening around me because of cataracts clouding my vision. Today I was able to move my recliner back15 feet from the TV. I can now clearly see the beautiful HD TV screen. Colors and clarity in my vision make watching tv a pleasure. I can read signs, recognize people from a distance, appreciate the scenery and area that I live in, and shop with confidence in my local stores.

Our sense of sight is often taken for granted. Don’t forget to see your eye doctor on a regular basis to keep your eye health in tip top shape.

What can you do in 6 minutes to change someone’s life?

Smile and Be Kind


A special Thank you goes out to my eye doctor Dr. Gretchen Rider and to my eye surgeon Dr. Craig Jones. My life is so much better because of these two people.

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