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Fruity Tips

I love when I come across ideas that help make my life easier using every day things. Check out all of these fruity tips.

Wrapping the stem of your banana bunch extends the life of your bananas.

Citrus fruits take up space in your fridge and it's not really necessary.

Citrus will last at room temperature for about a week.

If you plan on keeping it longer than that and not eating it,

then by all means refrigerate it.

Peppers are very colorful.


This is one fruit you do not need to toss in the crisper.

If the pepper has not been cut open yet, it doesn't need

to be refrigerated.


Trust me, you do NOT want to put your berries in the fridge.

These fruits have a limited lifespan once they are plucked from the field,

and putting them in the fridge will only cause them to go bad faster.

It will even increase your chances of finding mold.

Keep Ketchup on the shelf in the pantry.

Surprising Idea

Just about everyone keeps ketchup in their fridge, but there is no reason

for it. Time in the fridge does expand ketchup's lifespan a bit most families

use it so much that it doesn't expire before it runs out. If you are looking to

free up so fridge space, send your ketch to the pantry.

Appreciating beauty in the ordinary

with joy and love,


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