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Stress-Reducing Strategies for the Holidays

While everyone has stress just about every day. Some days are worse than others. We all could use a refresher on some ways to destress. Here is a list of things you can do around the holidays, or anytime to help yourself combat those crazy times.

1. Take a breath. Close your eyes and inhale then exhale several times.

2. Get up and go into the bathroom to remove yourself from the situation. Remember to go into the bathroom alone. This is time for a little mental vacation just for yourself. If a bathroom is unavailable then try an empty room.

3. Take a brisk walk around the building, or the garage, or climb a set of stairs.Take a few deep breaths while you are at it.

4. Give yourself a little neck and face massage. Be sure to close your eyes to block out distractions. Check out this How to website...

5. Listen to some music. Either something soothing or something up beat. Make it your choice.

6. Get up and dance.......just move and shake all those sillies out.

7. Eat a piece of chocolate. The sugar will give you a boost and feels great and the chocolate is good for your heart. This is a time to savor the piece of chocolate. Take your time with it. This is not a time to shovel chocolate into your mouth. Personally, I enjoy dark chocolate.

8. Doodle on a piece of paper. Tap into your creative juices for a few minutes.

9. Make a list of holiday words. Challenge yourself to think of 25 words.

10. Smile, Yes smile. You use 17 muscles in your face to smile. Even faking a smile brightens your spirit.

11. Laugh, Force a laugh. It may make you smile to hear your own voice laughing. Others may hear you and join in.

12. Color. There are some beautiful adult coloring sheets available on the market today. During a stressful week choose a sheet to color and schedule a few minutes each day to color it. Use your favorite colors. This can be very satisfying and stress-reducing.

13. Take a nap......a quick sleep. Remember to take a few deep breaths.

14. Play with your pet. Our pets are great stress-reducers.

15. Send a "thank you" text to someone or "I appreciate you." maybe even an encouragement text like, "Keep up the great work!" This will make you feel good which in turn is a stress reducer.

16. Light a candle and watch it flicker.

17. Stop and just listen. Can you name all of the noises that you hear?

18. Eat a peppermint. This is great to wake you up and stimulates the brain.

19. Take time to drink some water. Or have a cup of warm tea.

20. Take a quick drive around the neighborhood to view all of the holiday decorations.

These stress-relieving tips may help you through the holidays. Good Luck and remember to enjoy the holiday season.

Smile and Be Kind,


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