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The Great Toilet Paper Debate

Toilet paper on a roll has been around since 1883 but the Chinese used some form of it as early at 589 AD. Thank goodness for modern day hygiene.

Toilet Paper is part of our every day life. It's a product that we don't give much thought to even though it is in every bathroom around the world. Recently, it was found flying through the air onto a Kansas basketball court after the first few points of the game. Apparently, it's a tradition at this school. Check out the video.

And an Alabama Sheriff's Office mistakenly spent $22,000 on toilet paper. Yikes! That will wipe a whole lot of tushies.

This is how the toilet paper roll is often found at my house.

Some are questioning whether the tubeless toilet paper roll saves the environment as much as Scott Tissue Paper claims, but the real debate is.......What is the the proper orientation of a toilet paper roll? Over or Under

The Cottonelle Roll Pole was conducted in 2010 as a marketing campaign of 500,000 people. It showed 72% voted for OVER! But what do the toilet paper professionals say?

According to Science experts it's OVER! The under method you can contaminate the wall behind the paper that can lead to food poisoning bacteria spreading it to other users.

Well there you have it! It's OVER! Well except if you have a cat who likes to play with toilet paper then it really should be UNDER!

Here are what several of the sisters choose for their homes.

Claire - Over, of course

Helen - Over

JoJo - Over with a triangle dart

Check out these other toilet paper roll decorations in the fancier hotels.

Here is a fun look at this debate and more information.

Smile and Be Kind,


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댓글 3개

Always over on the TP!!!


Love your blog! Of course I love you all too!!


Interesting! Some comparative information you might like- The original patent art for a toilet paper holder demonstrated it to be OVER.

Also, the reason you see under rolls in institutional buildings is economy. Most commercial applications have double toilet paper roll holders, which require less maintenance. Under rolled paper lasts longer, as people pull less from it (and children or cats can't unroll the paper by playing with it).

I know the custodians for government buildings in Maine are actually trained to load "under"for economy.

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