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Tips To Make Your Day Easier

1. When icing an area of your body, i.e. a knee, a hand, or a shoulder; be sure to place a warm hot water bottle on your chest and you won’t be cold from the icing.

2. Buy fresh flowers once a week to help keep your spirits up during the long winter months. Change the water often and rinse the stems so they don’t get slimy. Chrysanthemums last a long time and are often cheap.

3. Rub chapstick on your fingernails for a lasting protection against dryness. Bonus; is they shine and keep hangnails at bay.

4. Do you wear glasses all day long? Do your glasses fall down your nose or even off your face when you lean over? I found a great product that you might find helpful. It’s called “NerdWax”. You put a smear of wax the nose of your glasses, wipe off the oils from your nose and wear your glasses all day long with no problems. I love, love, love this product. Check it here.

5. Look for sand-dollars, four-leaf-clovers and ghost apples to change your luck.

6. Need a bandaid for your finger but you only have a regular sized band-aid? Change the band-aid by cutting it. Then wrap the band-aid ends in different directions for a custom fit.

7. Got a cat? Then you have got lots of cat hair. Try using a new or used drier sheet to wipe down furniture in your home. Cat hair sticks to it like magic!

I'll be making this yummy soup this weekend called Pasta Fazool. Check it out this YouTube video.

Smile and Be Kind.


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