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Hot Water Bottles

Jean's Beloved Hot Water Bottle

When it comes to needing a little comfort in my family, hot water bottles were the number one stress-reducer. A hot water bottle that delivers heat, comes in handy when you have muscle aches, cramps, a headache or simply want the comfort of something warm against your skin. Hot water bottles retain their warmth for up to 4 hours before needing to be refilled. That's much longer than those micro-wave-able wraps.

I remember a trip to Ireland in 1969, with dad, Janie, and Sue, to visit our brother George. We stayed at the beautiful Intercontinental Hotel in Dublin. As young girls from a large family, we never had stayed in a hotel before. We thought it was the best thing ever. We loved running up and down the long hallways and would ride the elevators up and down many times. When it was time for bed, we found hot water bottles warming our sheets and blankets, oh the comforts of home. If International hotels were using them, it just confirmed to us that hot water bottles were a necessary part of life.

The long cold winters in Maine made it necessary for a little extra comfort. We would use hot water bottles to pre-heat up our cold, cold beds. There were times when the sisters would steal each others bottles to add some extra warmth to our beds. Oh and if you didn't seal the bottle just right, they might leak. So be careful to seal it tightly or you'll be changing a lot of sheets and pjs.

Janie's wolf covered water bottle. Covers make the bottles a soft and comfy.

Hot water bottles can be taken on trips to relieve unexpected minor aches and pains. They are easy to pack and provide the comfort of home away from home.

Hot water bottles are a cheap option to have in your home costing about $10. With a hot water bottle, the whole family can enjoy the benefits of moist heat when and when they need it.

Hot water bottles provide soothing support after a long day. Try something old like a warm hot water'll become your favorite wintertime accessory.

Smile and Be Kind,


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