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Mother Barbara

Mother Barbara

Today we honor our mother on Mother’s Day. This year marks the 5th year since our mum has past on. Our mum was a very special person. Our mum was both a talented water color artist and musician as well as a loving mother of 12 children.

Spring Flowers by Barbara Murray, 1999

For the love of flowers.

Nana Barbara "tickling the ivories" and playing the "licorice stick"!

Barbara's 12 Children:

Helen, Joe, Claire, Bob, Marianne, Chuck, Mickey, Jo, Jean, Janie, SueO, and George. Quite an accomplishment for one woman! We all miss and love you Mum!

Jane Perry, Bob, Mother Barbara, and George

Mum had beautiful handwriting.

Bouquet of violets by Barbara Murray

I hope that you spend some quality time with your mom this weekend. Make a phone call or send a selfie. Just tell her you love her.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my savvy sisters near and far. Oh, and dinner tonight is “Pig’s feet and Hoodsies!” 😊

Smile and Be Kind!



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