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Puzzling Questions and Extra Savvy Sisters!

A wedding rehearsal dinner 3 Savvy Sisters and a brother.

Whose wedding? Does anyone remember where and when this was? I love that pearl necklaces were part of our outfits. Barbara Bush would have approved.

Another wedding rehearsal dinner. This time three different savvy sisters and Oakie.

Whose wedding was this one oh so long ago? Apparently, we loved the color blue.

Family photo from 1965. Baby Helen.

I love that all of the boys are wearing white shirts and ties. Oakie with Chuck and Joe are wearing dad's signature bowtie. Bob and George are wearing long ties. The girls are all individuals. I'm sure mum orchestrated everything we wore. Check out the ottomans that Janie and I are sitting on. They matched the chairs that mum and dad are sitting in. That location was always the perfect place for a family photo. How did the photographer (James Clark Studios) always get us all to look at the camera at the same time? Oh wait, I'm not looking. I must be distracted by JoJo flashing the camera. Haha! Which 2 O'Connors are missing from this picture?

Here are a couple of "Extra Savvy Sisters"-in-Law Jean Dempster and Jane Perry!

Jean and Jane are very special savvy sisters with 6 O'Connor nieces and nephews between them. Both of them still live in the Vacationland State. Can anyone guess where this picture was taken oh so long ago?

Now go back and look at the two wedding pictures. Who is the one savvy sister that is missing? Hint: She is such an adorable baby.

Smile and Be Kind,


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